I live in the Southern US (what most refer to as the “Bible Belt”), and I’ve been vegetarian since August 2007.  I decided to eliminate meat, fish, foul (and mostly all dairy products) from my diet when I discovered the devastating and disgusting truths about factory farming and what that means for both the animals and humans involved, our health (physical and spiritual), and the environment.  Once I discovered the truth, I knew it would change my life forever.  It’s a lifestyle I’ve chosen for the rest of my life– a long, beautiful, rewarding, yet sometimes lonely path from which I’ll never look back. 

I am currently working on a cookbook of southern (vegan) recipes and will post some of them here, so feel free to try them out and give me feedback!  You will also find reviews of veg products here.  If you want me to review a product, please let me know!  I also offer tips for debunking myths about the veg lifestyle; tips for traveling; and everyday musings about human nature, compassion, and our connection to animals.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks! Wow… I haven’t posted a blog in forever. I need to get back to doing it regularly. I have lots of baking to do for the holidays, so there should be plenty of recipes/photos to post. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  1. My husband and I went Vegan 5 (wait, maybe 6 now?) years ago for all the same reasons as you. It’s not nearly as lonely with the computer to reach out to like-minded folks, such as yourself! I just saved your blog to my favorites! Hope to see more posts soon. Is your cookbook out yet? How can we order it?

    • Hi Kate! Unfortunately, the cookbook train got derailed and I’ve been focusing on other things, but I still hope to make it happen one day! You are right; the internet makes it much easier to find like-minded folks and not feel so alone, or to sort of rejuvinate your motivation and re-remind yourself why you chose this lifestyle to begin with. It’s so inspiring to see compassionate people out there doing their part for all living things and our environment! 🙂

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