Vegan Yogurt Product Review – The OK, the bad, and the worse

Vegan yogurt.  My taste buds just shudderd a bit.   In my opinion, yogurt is the main dairy product that has not been reproduced to even an ounce of my satisfaction.  I’m sure most people would say cheese, but Daiya has mostly rescued me there.  Most days.  But there is just no acceptable vegan yogurt to eat straight from the container as a snack.

I’ve tried all the vegan yogurt I can get my hands on, all the brands available to me, with all the available options (soy, almond, and coconut-based).  They are okay to bake with, but nearly all of them make me want to gag when I eat them alone.  I thought I’d share my reviews of the options you may be seeing on store shelves.

First, I’ll start off with the “ok”…


It’s the Amande brand of almond milk-based yogurts, and only the coconut flavor is good.  The texture is silky, like dairy-based yogurt, but it’s not like what you imagine when you think of creamy yogurt.  Yes, it’s consistently smooth and all one texture, but you could turn the container upside down and it would plop out and hold it’s shape like a jello mold.  The container-shaped yogurt is sitting in a thin layer of a liquid syrup, which I’m guessing is part of the flavor/sweetener that separates over time.   But the yogurt itself is like a cross between yogurt and jello.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not “creamy-runny.”  Not like sour cream or a creamy dip.  You can’t get a spoonful, tilt your spoon, and then watch it run back off the spoon or put a “dollop” on anything.  It’s smooth, but gelatinous, if that makes sense.  The strawberry and blueberry flavors are very muted and not that sweet.

A close second in the “ok” category is the SO Delicious brand coconut-milk based yogurts.


These are the most true to texture, in my opinion. They offer both a “regular” (it’s runny creamy, but not too runny) and a Greek style (thicker and richer,” like dairy-based Greek yogurt).  I occasionally buy the Greek style in the vanilla flavor for the macrobiotics and I can get it down, but again, it’s not as good as dairy yogurt.  SO Delicious makes a wider variety of flavors then Amande.  They have strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, chocolate, plain, raspberry, and mango.  I’ve only tried the first 4.  None of them are very sweet, so you may actually prefer this brand, but I like sweet yogurt.  As with the Amande brand, the flavors are very muted.

Recently, Almond Dream has come out with another almond-milk based yogurt.  It’s definitely better than the Amande brand, but I haven’t been able to find any flavors except vanilla and plain (if you consider “plain” a flavor).  I had the vanilla once and never bought it again.  It’s just not good, folks.

Everything else is totally unacceptable, if you ask me.  I don’t like any of the soy-based yogurts, and there are plenty of them out there.  I’ve tried at least one flavor by each of the following companies: Stonyfield O’Soy, Whole Soy & Co., Silk, and SO Delicious.  Most of them are very runny and when I say runny, I don’t mean “creamy-runny”, I mean watery.   And the soy-ish flavor/aftertaste they all have just really turns me off.

Sorry I couldn’t blow your mind with a really awesome vegan yogurt review.  If I ever find one (an awesome vegan yogurt, that is) I’ll be sure to review it.  Until then, Odwalla organic Australian yogurt is delighting my taste buds!


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