Steel City Pops – Gormet Vegan Popsicles in Birmingham, Alabama

I know what you must be thinking.  Popsicles in January?  We’ve had some very unusual weather lately.  Alabama generally has wacky weather, but this is just absurd.  70+ degrees in January?  Folks wearing flip-flops, t-shirts, and shorts, all while eating popsicles… outside… in January?!  Believe it!

This past weekend, it felt more like the end of April than mid-January.  Some friend and I went to Steel City Pops for the first time (hadn’t even heard of it before!) and had a blast.  Now I must preface this by saying that not all of their popsicles are vegan.  Many of them have milk, cream, and even sour cream in them.  But they offer many flavors that are completely dairy-free and delish!

I tried the Avocado flavor, which is made with avocado, lime, organic cane sugar, and water.  It was so creamy, like sherbet, and had just the right balance of lime and sugar so that it wasn’t overly sweet.  I also tasted the Sweet Tea flavor, which was made with tea, raw sugar,and water; the Strawberry, made with lemon and organic cane sugar; and the Chocolate Chili (NOT vegan), made with Mexican chocolate, Serrano peppers, and organic cane sugar.  The Chocolate Chili does have both milk and cream, but I just had a very small nibble of my partner’s!

Their flavors change seasonally, but their current vegan offerings include:
Cucumber Lime
Sweet Tea
Strawberry Balsamic

All of the ingredients used at Steel City Pops are 100% natural and they try to use certified organic and local ingredients whenever possible. They state on their website that the fruit-based pops are both vegan and gluten-free.  I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area!


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