Product Review: Daiya Cheddar Style Wedge

I have tried many vegan cheese products over the past few years and have been let down many times.  None of them have the right flavor for me and most of them have a strange texture.  I am now pleased to say that I have found an amazing vegan cheese!  It melts (like Velveeta) into creamy, cheesy goodness that would be awesome in Rotel dip (Daiya cheddar style wedge + a can of Rotel or salsa), as a fondu dip, or melted on top of veggie burgers, tacos, chili, burritos, nachos, tofu chili dogs, vegan philly cheese steaks, or anything else you want melted cheese on!

Daiya makes three flavors right now, cheddar, pepper jack, and jalapeño garlic havarti.  I’ve only tried the cheddar so far.  I put a big slice between two pieces of bread and put it in a skillet with some melted Earth Balance margarine to make an incredibly yummy vegan grilled cheese.  The cheese does get really melty though, so it dripped out of the sandwich and onto my plate a little while I was eating it, but that was okay with me.  I just wiped it up with my bread and kept eating!  If you wanted it a little less “runny,” you could just not toast the bread until it was practically burnt like I did.

The texture of the block in solid form is slightly soft, but still firm enough to slice and handle.  It’s very similar to the Velveeta product sold in the US in both texture and flavor.  This is the best tasting vegan cheese I’ve ever had.  It has a nice tangy cheddar flavor.  Other reviewers say it’s great eaten “raw,” that is, sliced with crackers or apples or eaten cold on a sandwich.   I personally recommend it for recipes where you want warm, melted cheese.  I don’t know too many non-vegan folks that want to eat Velveeta straight from the package!

Here is the grilled cheese I made (alongside a bowl of Almost Instant Tomato Chickpea Soup from Robin Robertson’s Vegan on the Cheap).  I tried to get a close up pic as well to show you the creamy texture.


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