Top 5 Vegan Goodies

I’m just going to tell you that you’re going to see a pattern here:  chocolate!  That’s because I lovelovelove chocolate, but the brands I’m recommending below also have non-chocolate options that I’ll give a small shout out to.

#1 Jason’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 
I fell in love with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread about a year ago and was elated to find out they also sell chocolate peanut butter cups!  In my opinion, they’re much better than the mainstream peanut butter cups I’ve had in the past (you know them…orange wrapper…”no wrong way to eat ‘em”).  The layer of chocolate on the Jacon’s cups is twice as thick and so you have a more equal chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio.  The chocolate is also organic.  (Justin’s spreads are also available in Honey Almond, Honey Peanut, and Maple Almond).

#2  Liz Lovely’s Chocolate Moose Dragon Cookies 
Liz makes the best cookies I’ve ever had, hands down.  These cookies are soft, fudgy, and have pieces of cacao nibs in them!  They are so chocolatey you’ll groan while you eat them!  Other flavors include Ginger Snapdragons, Peanut Butter Classic, Snickerdoodle, Ginger Molasses, and Coconut Lemon.

#3 Sweet and Sara Smores 
Thick, fluffy vegan marshmallow packed between Belgian dark chocolate and a graham cracker cookie… OHYESPLEASE!  (The cinnamon pecan marshmallows are also divine and are great on sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving!)

#4 SO Delicious Turtle Trails Ice Cream 
Caramel has a special place in my heart, right beside chocolate.  This coconut milk based ice cream is filled with swirls of gooey caramel and chocolate-covered pecans.  Other flavors include Cherry Amaretto, Vanilla Bean, Butter Pecan, and Lemonade Sorbet.

 #5 Tofutti Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties (ice cream sandwiches)
Can you tell I’ve got summer on the brain?  These little ice cream sandwiches are adorable.  They’re half the size of “normal” ice cream sandwiches, so I have to admit that I usually eat two because they’re so good.  If you’re insane and don’t like mint and chocolate together, they also have the standard vanilla filling as well as double chocolate and cookies & cream.   Tofutti also makes vegan cream cheese and sour cream that are just as good as their dairy-based counterparts.


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