Ask and You Shall Receive (coupons!)

People always talk about how expensive they think a veg diet is, despite the fact that veggies and beans cost much less than meat.  However, I must admit that items like vegan mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, cheese, butter, etc. can be more pricey than the non-vegan versions. I am personally willing to pay more for these items when they are made with quality ingredients by companies that produce them with ethical, sustainable methods (I always say that it’s not that good food is expensive, it’s that cheap food is deceptively cheap – we and the Earth pay for it in other ways), but it’s sad that you don’t find coupons for these types of products in the Sunday paper.  

My close friends and co-workers know that I am a letter writer.  If I have bad service at a restaurant or hotel, you better belive I’m writing a letter as soon as I get home!  I’ve gotten a lot of gift cards this way, but that isn’t my motivation for writing letters.  I also write letters when I experience exceptionally good customer service or when I see someone going above and beyond to ensure my great experience.  It’s very rare that I write a letter and don’t receive a response.  I find that companies desire feedback, good or bad, so that they can grow from it and/or properly reward their employees.

So I took up my pen and paper (ok really, I just sent emails and filled out web contact forms) and wrote to the companies who make my favorite veg products to let them know how much I appreciate them.  I wrote a short paragraph to each of five different companies:  Earth Balance, Field Roast, Aubrey Organics, Follow Your Heart, and Amy’s Kitchen.  I mentioned the products I enjoy, why I like them, and thanked them for making quality products.  I also briefly mentioned that I would love it if they sent me coupons and gave them my address. 

Every single one of these companies sent me coupons in the mail!  Here’s what I received:

Amy’s Kitchen
-Three coupons for  .55 ¢ off Amy’s non-refrigerated items that can be used on soups, chili, salsa, pasta sauce, or canned beans.  
-Three $1.00 coupons for frozen meals. 
– Five .75 ¢ off coupons for various frozen items like their burritos, cakes, and pot pies
After about 3 months, without asking, I received another envelope of coupons too!

Field Roast Grain Meat Co.
I received a hand written letter back and three $1.00 off coupons that can be used on their celebration roast or meatloaf.

Follow Your Heart
– Three .55 ¢ off coupons for Vegenaise
– Three .55 ¢ off coupons for their vegan cheese slices

Aubrey Organics
– Four $1.00 off coupons that can be used on any of their skin care, hair care, bath/beauty related products (and they have no expiration date!)

Earth Balance
 – One $1.00 off coupon for their new Organic Coconut Spread (use instead of butter)
 – One $1.00 off coupon for Mindful Mayo vegan mayonnaise

So whether you use these company’s products and love them or want to give them a try, start typing and let them know.  They will appreciate your feedback, and if you ask, send you coupons as well!


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