Here I go again! -or- Damn you casomorphines!

I must admit that I’ve fallen off the horse with eliminating eggs/dairy from my diet for the past few months.  Ok, so I jumped off the horse voluntarily, was in denial about it for a few weeks, and then set it free to roam in the fields while I enjoyed veggie omelet’s and pizza with real cheese.  Oh, and the French onion soup from Jason’s Deli – YUM!  

Most people would say, “Who cares?” but while I’ve been enjoying these tasty (and mostly unhealthy) foods, my body has been protesting.  I won’t go into detail, but I’ll just say that my body isn’t handling dairy as easily as it used to anymore for some reason.  My skin is breaking out more than usual and I find I don’t have an appetite for anything other than junk.  The more crap I eat, the more crap my brain thinks it wants, especially cheese!  I keep thinking of it like an addiction, which may seem silly, but check out what I read about dairy products in the most recent issue of Vegetarian Times (Oct 2011 issue) and in articles written by doctors on the web:

Dairy products contain food opiods called casomorphins, which are beneficial to mother cows as they sooth calves, create a euphoric feeling, and encourage them to drink from their mother. When a human ingests the milk protein casein, it creates casomorphines through the process of digestion, creating opiate-like feelings of sedation, euphoria and even constipation!  I’ve even come across websites that advise women to drink a glass of milk or have some cheese to alleviate menstrual cramps.  Since it takes about 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese (give or take, depending on the cheese), this means cheese is an ultra-concentrated source of casomorphins.  It’s like cheese crack!  This means physical/mental addiction can occur! After poking around online, it appears that withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, depression, and vomiting are not uncommon when people try to kick dairy (makes you wonder how much dairy these people eat?!).  Still, it’s no wonder most vegans say cheese was the last/hardest thing to give up.

So I’m going to start another 30-day strict vegan diet.  I know vegans reading this are probably wondering why I don’t just kick dairy for good and be done with it.  I’ve already established that dairy does bad things to my body and isn’t good for my health, so why even go with the 30-day route again?  In all honesty, it’s just something I feel is easier for me.  I know I can set a 30-day goal and achieve it.  Saying “bye bye” to dairy forever seems a bit overwhelming right now.  I know, that’s silly, but that’s just me.  I know it’s not rational.  Baby steps and we’ll see where I wind up!

I went to Whole Foods last weekend and bought a bunch of yummy organic veggies, which my body thinks it doesn’t want, but my brain has been taken over by opiates, so it doesn’t know what it wants.  I plan to make a fresh green juice every morning, starting tomorrow and to enjoy fresh juices (from fruits and veggies I juice myself) more often in general.  This is really the only way I can incorporate raw foods into my diet without eating a salad every day (which I wouldn’t look forward to that often) or making raw meals (which my partner would gag at).  I’m going to have to avoid the snack machine at work and bring yummy, healthy snacks of my own that I’ll look forward to eating.  I can still eat at some of my favorite restaurants like Mellow Mushroom and Chipotle Grill too and get a good vegan meal.

So here I go again.  I’ll post juice recipes and pics later!


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