Vegan Ice Cream

So it’s summer here in the South (or at least it is this week – the weather changes a lot down here) and I’ve been craving ice cream!  Ice cream is typically a dessert I can easily pass up.  I’d much rather have something baked like cake or brownies.  But when it heats up, every now and then, the freezer section starts calling my name.

I’ve really gotten serious about wanting to publish a cookbook.  I hope to have it completed within the next 2 years.  (I can’t decide whether that’s lazy or thorough.)  I’ve gone back and forth between doing a themed book or a non-themed book, even though “vegan” is a theme either way, and I’ve decided to go with a Southern theme.  I want to re-vamp and veganize recipes I grew up with like BBQ, cobbler, meatloaf, pecan pie, fried chicken, and biscuits w/ gravy.  Hopefully the recipes will turn out healthier than the non-vegan versions too!  But my focus is more comfort food people can relate to and share with their loved-ones than “health food” or a “diet” book.

You’re probably wondering why this post is titled “vegan ice cream” when I’ve gone off on this cookbook tangent, but in thinking about how to veganize a pecan pie, I begin to wonder if I should re-vamp it as a milkshake instead of an actual pie.  I searched the web for pecan pie milkshakes and found very little, surprisingly!  Apparently Zaxby’s (a fast-food joint that serves mostly fried chicken fingers and fries) had a pecan pie shake out a while back, but that’s about all I see when I search Google.  So I decided to come up with my own.  I’m not posting the recipe yet, but I wanted to show you all something wonderful:  VEGAN butter pecan ice cream from Turtle Mountain! 

I found this at a little organic grocery store for $6/carton, but it’s so good!  This one is made with organic soymilk.  Whiz this around in a blender with non-dairy milk and you’ve got a darn good milkshake!  Of course, I’d like to leave out this as an ingredient to my recipe.  Not everyone can find this brand/flavor and those who can might not want to fork out $6 for it!

But taste-wise, for those who might be curious, this tastes just like the butter pecan ice cream I remember the Barber’s brand making.  There are lots of crunchy pecans, and it really does have a buttery sweet taste that melts in your mouth (well duh – it’s ice cream!).  The texture is the same as dairy-based ice cream and although I’ve heard people say soy ice cream melts faster, I didn’t find any truth in that.

And for those of you allergic to soy, never fear!  Almond Dream and Rice Dream both make ice cream now (including ice cream sandwiches and popsicles) and if you’ve read my previous posts, you know that SO Delicious makes coconut milk ice cream as well.  Rice/Almond Dream only have basic flavors really, but SO Delicious really has a great variety.  These are great if you’re lactose-intolerant as well.  If anyone wants me to review a particular flavor/brand, let me know!


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