DIY Sugar Scrub

A couple of Christmases ago, my significant other and I decided that we would give only homemade gifts to one another.  It was definitely an interesting experience, especially since we both gave sewing a try for the first time.  I’ve been into DIY (Do It Yourself) projects ever since.

One of the stocking stuffers I made was sugar scrub, and I’ve started making jars of it for women in my family each year because it’s such a thrify way to say you care.  What woman doesn’t like sugar scrub?  Men can use it too, of course.  It’s great for a pre-shave exfoliation.  In stores, sugar scrubs go for around $10-20 a jar, which is insane.  For what it costs to buy a 2 lb bag of sugar, a 16oz bottle of sweet almond oil, a bottle of vitamin E, and a couple different types of scented oils, you can make around six 8oz jars of sugar scrub for around $5/jar! 

The measurements below are approximate.  How much you need of each ingredient will depend on the size of your container and your preference for how much oil you want.  I sort of mix and add as I go, smelling to see if I have a strong enough scent or feeling the texture to see if I have enough oil.  You can’t mess this up though!

I recommend sweet almond oil, but you can use olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, etc.  Sweet almond oil absorbs into the skin easily and won’t be as greasy as other types of oil.  The best deal by far that I have found is the Now Foods brand that they sell on Amazon for $12/16oz.  Search around though; you may find a better deal per oz.  Also, Hobby Lobby has a great price on scented oils at $2.99/bottle.  Stock up when they’re on sale for half off!  You can choose to use real, essential oils of course, but you’ll be paying more.

1 cup sugar (you can use white, brown, or a mix)
1/3 – 1/2 cup sweet almond oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E (you can buy the oil by the bottle or break open capsules)
10-20 drops of scented oil or essential oil (essential oils will be stronger so you may want to use less)

Mix it up and adjust the ingredients to your liking.  Store in an airtight container.  Be careful; the oil will make the tub slippery!

I keep used salsa jars year-round for sugar scrub at Christmas.  Just wash the jar once the salsa is used up; remove the paper label; and wrap the lid in fabric, a pretty sticker, or ribbon to cover up the logo.  You can even tie little spoons bought from the thrift store to the jar with some ribbon to be used as a scoop.


One thought on “DIY Sugar Scrub

  1. Awesome! I am going to make this. My mum bought me a sugar scrub with coconut oil from Fiji and I have wanted some ever since. Going to make my own now!!! Thanks for that!

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