The Results are In -or- The Fall?

Well… I was nearly there and I blew it, all for the sake of an extremely delicious dessert.  Clearly my 30 days is up.  I apologize for not posting for the past 5 days, but things have been a bit hectic.  This actually happened last Thursday, 5 days away from my 30-day goal!  I could have said no.  I could have maintained self control, but I just REALLY wanted it….

By “it,” I mean the biggest piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen!  I went out to eat with 6 co-workers last week and we ordered the Great Wall of Chocolate at PF Chang’s (I’ll admit, at my recommendation).  This cake is 6 layers of moist, chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between each layer,  topped with tiny chocolate chips, hot caramel sauce, and fresh fruit.  Is your  mouth watering yet?  EXACTLY! 

I can’t blame it on anyone else since I suggested ordering it and my good friend Brandon did his best to keep me from eating any, but I did it anyway, and I did it willingly (thanks for trying, Brandon).  I feel a little guilty now, but I guess I’ll go ahead and admit that a couple of weeks into this “experiment,” I had already decided that I wasn’t going to remain 100% vegan.  For one, I think it’s nearly impossible.  Of course, I could do my best and forget the small stuff, but I think that if I make the vegan lifestyle seem hard or tedious or like I’m missing out, others will see my struggle and form a bad opinion of the whole lifestyle.  Again, this is a form of excuse I’m making for myself to justify having a little dairy here and there, but there is some truth to it as well, I think. 

I am going to make it a point to limit the amount of dairy products that I consume even more so than before, probably to the extent that most anyone would categorize me as vegan.  The butter, milk, and coffee creamer that I buy are always vegan.  The occasional cup of yogurt and cheese are more frequent, but I hardly ever buy eggs (maybe a half-dozen carton 3 times a year).  I am probably already around 80-90% vegan and I will work to increase that percentage, but if I want to share a slice of cake at a restaurant with friends, I’m not going to deprive myself or beat myself up for doing so. 

In my defense (another excuse, I suppose), I’ve heard even the most diligent of vegans say that they occasionally do the same thing.  I don’t want to portray the vegan lifestyle as one of deprivation, but I do want to keep the cruelty of the dairy industry at the forefront of my mind and make vegan choices most of the time.  I also want to make it a point to show others vegan alternatives to their favorite foods. 

I’m also going to go ahead and maintain this blog under the same name, the main reason being that changing the name would mean changing the URL. I’ll continue to post my thoughts on vegan-related topics and will post recipes  often.  I hope that you will  subscribe and leave feedback.  I’d like to know your thoughts on the topics I discuss and I’d also like to know which recipes you like, what substitutions you tried, what didn’t work for you, etc.  Your feedback  will help me decide what recipes will go into my first cookbook.

Your friend, the 98% vegan,


2 thoughts on “The Results are In -or- The Fall?

  1. Desserts at restaurants are the biggest temptation–which is always a little annoying, since in truth, it is pretty easy to make vegan chocolate cake! But, I also agree with you that being vegan isn’t about deprivation–neither should it be about making some kind of hard-line political stand. It should be about realizing that it is relatively easy to eliminate those foods that come from animals and thus endorse cruel practices. Those who jump on you for a “lapse” do so only to make themselves feel better about what they already know are eating habits that are unhealthy for them and for animals. it is a way for them to feel OK about being too lazy to consider the effects of their food choices.

    Soy yogurt is awesome. And my favorite vegan cookbook is Vegan Planet–delicious. We used to make lots of vegan desserts . . . we tend to avoid them now since just because you eliminate eggs, doesn’t mean you eliminate things like sugar and fat. When you hit 40, the effects of those things seem much more severe.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Kate. I’m not beating myself up about eating the cake, but I realize that it would have been just as easy to pass it up and then run straight home and made an even better (vegan) chocolate cake. It was a choice that I made in the moment, to share food with people I care about, and I’ll admit it’s easier to do with dairy than with meat. I haven’t had a bite of meat (including broth/stock, etc) since Aug 2008 and never plan to again. I made an exception for dairy, and that seemed like an easier exception to make for many reasons, most of which aren’t valid excuses. Ideally, I would have made them a vegan dinner and that would have been even better. I believe food and human interaction are closely intertwined (or should be!) and to be able to cook for someone I care about is better than any gift I could give them, in my opinion. I actually ended up going home and making vegan cookies (see the snickerdoodle post) for everyone that was at PF Chang’s that night and they were a big hit!

      Can you recommend a soy yogurt? I’ve tried the SO Delicious brand and Stonyfield brands and found them both pretty disgusting. They are fine to bake with, but if I want to have yogurt as a snack, they’re not something I would enjoy. I tried the coconut milk yogurt and it was okay, but a bit bland.

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