Day 2 -or- Why this matters

 So I’m sitting at my desk at work today, and it’s mid-afternoon when that sneaky chocolate craving comes along.  I didn’t bring anything chocolaty to work today so there’s no satisfying alternative to turn to when the snack machine keeps entering my mind.  Sure, chocolate is vegan, but milk chocolate isn’t, and that’s what my body thinks it wants.  That is what’s waiting for me in the snack machine.  A creamy milk chocolate Hershey bar with almonds.  Mmm.
You might be wondering,  what’s  the deal with dairy?  Just eat the Hershey bar! The cows don’t have to die to give milk.  “It doesn’t hurt them.  They need to be milked,” is what I hear often. 
That’s what I thought too, for so many years.  But other mammal’s milk isn’t made for us.  It’s for their young.  It’s not an efficient way for us to get calcium and in order to remove all the fat (the fat that would grow a baby calf into a 1 ½ ton cow) we have to process it to the point that we remove most of the vitamins and minerals and have to add synthetic Vitamin D back in.  The acidic effects that dairy has on our blood can actually cause our bodies to steal calcium from our bones in order to balance things out.  Plus, we have to remember that farmer John isn’t going out each day to gently milk his well-cared-for cows.  The milking process that the diary industry uses does hurt cows, and it hurts us too.  You can read more about it here or here  Or do your own research.  There are a plethora of books out there with good information if you think PETA and the like are too biased.
So that’s the skinny on why it matters to me, why I’m not going to eat that Hershey’s bar, and why I’m attempting to transition from vegetarian to vegan.  Now…who wants an awesome brownie recipe?!


One thought on “Day 2 -or- Why this matters

  1. Yeah, cows don’t “need” to be milked. They need to suckle their young or dry up. Both of those are perfectly fine. As someone making milk for a baby, I know if you don’t get “milked”, your milk goes away. There’s no milking emergency. No one NEEDS it. And I’ve given up on milk for drinking or in recipes! But not built into prepared foods, like chocolate or cheese. Good for you, Lauren.

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